Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift to collaborate?

Fans are speculating due to Gaga's choice of jewellery at the Grammys

Fans are now speculating that Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift could be planning a collaboration, after Gaga wore one of Swift’s rings at last night’s Grammys.

Gaga was in attendance at the awards, where she delivered a stunning performance while joined by Mark Ronson. While on the red carpet, fans caught on to the fact that she was wearing a ring in the shape of a snake – one that appears to be from Taylor Swift’s latest merchandise collection.

Lady Gaga wearing one of Taylor Swift's rings at the Grammys 2018

Lady Gaga wearing one of Taylor Swift’s rings at the Grammys 2018

This has sent fans into a frenzy, with many assuming that this could be a sign of them working together:

During her performance last night, Gaga also dropped in a Time’s Up shout-out. This and the#MeToo movement once again dominated headlines at the event – with many of the artists attending choosing to wear white roses as a mark of support for victims of sexual harassment and assault.

Janelle Monae also made a powerful speech against sexual abuse as she introduced Kesha‘s performance of ‘Praying’ at the awards ceremony.

Taylor Swift live, 2017

Taylor Swift live, 2017

Swift meanwhile was named as one of Time Magazine’s ‘People Of The Year 2017‘ for the stand she took in her court battle against a radio DJ who sued after she accused him of groping her, Swift was listed as one of ‘The Silence Breakers’ who blew the whistle on systemic sexual assault. She was honoured alongside Tarana Burke, Ashley Judd, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, Isabel Pascual, Terry Crews, Rose McGowan and more.