Lady Gaga continues to protest Donald Trump for LGBTQ and black communities

'Stand up for kindness, equality, and love'

Lady Gaga has continued her protest against Donald Trump winning the election, blaming him for ‘chaos across the USA’.

Last night, protests and riots erupted across the US after Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential race to Republican candidate Donald Trump. As the IBTimes reports, there were demonstrations seen at many college campuses in the States. The world of music largely responded in shock and horror – before Gaga herself took to the streets to protest outside Trump Tower in NYC.

The protests in New York are said to have grown to be around 100,000 people strong:


Gaga was then seen continuing her protests well into the night, as well as taking to Twitter to fight for the cause of the black and LGBTQ communities, calling for progress to not be abandoned.

“Stand up for kindness, equality, and love,” she wrote. “Nothing will stop us.”

Gaga continued: “I hope any scared people today remember that the social change you achieved these past eight years is still in tact and we will protect it.”

“The chaos in USA is the result of Trump’s irresponsible campaigning. He is not a role model, look at this mess he created.”



The ‘Perfect Illusion’ and ‘Bad Romance’ star has been very vocal in her support of Hilary Clinton – making an appearance to speak and perform at her final rally, while also drawing criticism for those who confused her outfit with that of a Nazi.

This comes after Gaga earlier challenged Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

After Trump’s prospective First Lady used a recent speech to bemoan online bullying, Gaga accused her of hypocrisy. Tweeting at Melania, Gaga wrote: “to say u will stand for “anti-bullying” is hypocrisy. Your husband is 1 of the most notorious bullies we have ever witnessed.”

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She then tweeted at Donald Trump, writing: “you divided us with hateful language & fear. I love everyone in this country and I vote for @HillaryClinton to unite us.”