Lady Gaga discusses struggles with her mental health and need for conversation: ‘Secrets keep you sick’

The star thanked her mother for helping her with her problems

Lady Gaga has discussed her struggles with her mental health and the need for conversation around mental illness.

The singer has been open about her mental and physical health problems in the past. Earlier this year, she was forced to cancel the remaining dates on her ‘Joanne’ world tour due to her continued battle with fibromyalgia.

This weekend, Gaga’s mother Cynthia Germanotta was given the Global Changemakers Award at the Children Mending Hearts’ Empathy Rocks fundraiser in Bel Air, California. Before handing over the accolade for Germanotta’s work with the Born This Way Foundation, Gaga delivered a speech about mental illness, saying: “I have struggled for a long time, both being public and not public about my mental health issues or my mental illness. But I truly believe that secrets keep you sick.”

She continued to discuss the Born This Way Foundation’s work, saying it brings people together “to have real, honest conversations and to be kind.” “Kindness is not an afterthought to our work,” she said. “It is the driving power for everything we do. It is the lens we view every challenge through. It is framing the way we put everything around every possible solution. To me, almost every problem you can think of can be solved with kindness.”

Gaga also thanked her mother for helping her with her mental health. “Thank you, Mum, for not being afraid of my darkest thoughts and for doing what many don’t realise goes very far: just holding my hand and running an organisation that helps hold the hands of others and join the hands of others,” she said. “I love you. Suicidal ideation feels like a spell, and we have to have empathy. Be kind and help each other break the spell and live and thrive.”

The pop singer is set to appear in the upcoming remake of A Star Is Born. She will co-star alongside Bradley Cooper, who co-wrote and directed the movie.

For help and advice on mental health issues, check out the below organisations: