Lady Gaga dons meat dress and other iconic outfits for voting PSA: “Your future is still in your hands”

The pop star reprised her iconic looks as she urged fans to make their voice heard

Lady Gaga has reprised some of her most iconic outfits from her previous eras for a voting PSA, including her meat dress.

The pop star wore the dress made of raw beef and designed by Franc Fernandez to the 2010 MTV VMAs.

Now, she has put it on again in a video encouraging fans to vote in the upcoming US election, which takes place next week (November 3). “We’re almost there, we need to talk,” she began the video, while wearing the spiky metallic dress that featured on her Monster Ball tour.


After congratulating those who had already voted, she turned her attention to people who have yet to make their voice heard in the presidential election. “I believe no matter how you feel about the election right now, you are still accountable,” she told them.


“Maybe you’re sick of all the fighting or you’re frustrated by Covid and don’t want to deal with it. Maybe you dislike all the candidates or maybe you feel so discouraged by the state of our nation that you’ve decided it’s better not to be a part of the system – the system you don’t like.”

As Gaga continued to talk, her outfit changed several times from the sparkly bodysuit she wore for her Super Bowl performance to the blue cutout swimsuit from the ‘Poker Face’ video and more.

“The government is not going away tomorrow and unless you have a plane ticket to another country and somewhere that you’re gonna live, this is gonna be your home,” she added. “I’m telling you no matter how you feel, your future is still in your hands with this vote.” Watch the PSA above now.


Meanwhile, Gaga recently discussed her feelings on fame and mental health in a new interview, saying she felt “used up” before beginning work on latest album ‘Chromatica’.

“I just totally gave up on myself,” she told CBS Sunday Morning. “I hated being famous. I hated being a star. I felt exhausted and used up.”

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