Lady Gaga fans back “Justice for Artpop” as star says she “can’t remember” her third album

The record recently reached its 6th birthday

Lady Gaga fans have aired their frustrations after the singer appeared to distance herself from her third album, ‘Artpop’.

The ‘Poker Face’ pop star took to Twitter yesterday (November 11) to admit that she “can’t remember ‘Artpop'”, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. Following its release, Gaga claimed that the record was “the album of the millennium”.

Though the record flopped both critically and commercially compared to its predecessors, Gaga’s Little Monsters soon hit back at the controversial tweet.


“How could you Gaga!” said one follower, highlighting the artist’s past praise of the project. Another commented: “Gaga thinks she can joke about ‘Artpop’ someone tell her this isn’t funny this is my life.”

See those tweets and more below.


It’s not clear as to whether Lady Gaga is no longer a fan of her ‘Artpop’ output, or simply cannot recall its era – with some fans suggesting she may have forgotten her wilder 20s lifestyle.

The album contained the singles ‘Aura’, ‘Venus’, ‘Do What U Want’ and more. In a three-star review, NME summarised: “It’s a decent pop record – camp, silly, witty, ridiculous –but that’s it. Where exactly is the art?”

Last month, Lady Gaga released new physical versions of ‘Artpop’ without ‘Do What U Want’, which featured R. Kelly. This came after the pop star removed the song from streaming platforms and issued a statement in support of sexual assault victims following the airing of Surviving R. KellyThe new version of the record arrived yesterday.