Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kacey Musgraves, and more hit out at Alabama’s “heinous” abortion ban

"It is an outrage to ban abortion."

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kacey Musgraves, and more have joined the voices speaking out against Alabama’s controversial abortion ban, slamming the decision as “heinous”.

The stars expressed their anger after the law passed in the US state earlier this week by 25-6, ahead of being signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey.

The new ruling means that all abortions in Alabama are illegal at any stage of a pregnancy and doctors could face between 10 and 99 years imprisonment.


Responding to the ruling, Gaga wrote on Twitter: “It is an outrage to ban abortion in Alabama period, and all the more heinous that it excludes those have been raped or are experiencing incest non-consensual or not.

“So there’s a higher penalty for doctors who perform these operations than for most rapists?”

She added: “This is a travesty and I pray for all these women and young girls who will suffer at the hands of this system.”

Pledging her support for the women of Alabama, she wrote in the caption: “I love you Alabama prayers to all women and young girls.”

Rihanna posted a photo of Alabama’s senators, pointing out the lack of women in the group of headshots. “Take a look,” she wrote. “These are the idiots making decisions for WOMEN in America.” She included a special shout out to the Governor of Alabama, adding: “Governor Kay Ivey…SHAME ON YOU!!!!”


Kacey Musgraves joined in the discussion, tweeting: “Sooo what’s gonna happen when one of those Alabama senators knocks up one of his mistresses?” You can see that tweet and more reactions below now.

Gaga’s emotional post came as she continues to work on her latest album.While she isn’t working with Mark Ronson again on her latest effort, the producer recently teased that Gaga’s latest is “incredible”.

“I know that everybody who’s worked on it and has heard anything says it’s incredible and I don’t doubt it,” he told fans in an Instagram livestream.