Lady Gaga on “slow road” to recovery after cancelling world tour

"It's a very slow road to her getting better."

Lady Gaga is reportedly on the “slow road” to recovery after her battle with chronic pain forced her to shelve the remaining dates on her world tour.

Last month, the ‘Joanne’ singer was forced to shelve shows in London and Manchester, with promoters Live Nation citing the singer’s battle with fibromyalgia as the reason for the cancellation.

Now, it’s claimed that Gaga is steadily progressing on the road to recovery, and she’s using a combination of acupuncture and reiki healing to get her health back on  track.


“She’s been trying everything to rid herself of pain”, a source told US Weekly. 

“It’s a very slow road to her getting better”.

Although the singer has stepped away from the spotlight as she recovers, Kylie Minogue recently admitted that she’d be extremely keen to collaborate with Gaga in future.

When asked who she’d like to collaborate with in a recent interview, Minogue replied: “Wow, there’s plenty. I think all of the duets I’ve done over the years have just kind of come to me, so I’m just in this habit of not actively reaching out to people.

“But I don’t do many duets with ladies, so I would love to sing with [Lady] Gaga or something like that, it would be incredible.”