Security guard becomes unlikely star of Lady Gaga show

He mouthed along to 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich'

A security guard has become a viral star after footage was posted of him singing during a Lady Gaga concert.

Twitter user Marc Cohen shared a video on Wednesday (January 2) of a male bouncer miming to Lady Gaga’s performance of ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’ during one of her ‘Enigma’ residency shows at Las Vegas’ Park MGM resort.


In the tweet, the actor wrote: “One of the best parts of Enigma was this security guard knowing the lyrics to Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and not caring who knew it!” The Tweet has since received thousands of likes and re-tweets.

Followers were quick to comment on the video. One person wrote “LMFAO he was right in front of me n my friend and we were like oop he is a gaga stan you can tell. The other security guards had to keep coming up and telling him to stop turning around to look at her.”

Another person commented: “he just did that job cause she wanna see lady gaga”, while another joked, “He did what he had to to get to that concert.”

Gaga began her residency in December 2018. It’s expected to run for at least 74 dates.

Celine Dion was recently spotted having the time of her life at one of Gaga’s ‘Enigma’ gigs last month.


The Canadian superstar was filmed singing passionately and dancing along to Gaga’s 2011 song ‘The Edge of Glory’ from the audience seating.

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