Ladyhawke: ‘People shouldn’t be scared of Asperger’s Syndrome’

New Zealand singer opens up over neurobiological disorder

Ladyhawke has revealed that she suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome.

The New Zealand singer, aka Pip Brown, said she was only diagnosed with the condition, which is a form of autism, a couple of years ago.

She said: “People shouldn’t be scared of it or anything. Some people don’t even realise that they have it. I went through my whole life not knowing until only a few years ago, when it was just doing my head in and I had to get help.

“I only have a very mild form of it and there are some people who have it so bad that they find it too hard to even write a message to me – I love that I’ve been able to talk to people and be able to relate (to them) like that.”

Brown is not the only singer who suffers with the condition. In 2004 The Vines frontman Craig Nicholls was also diagnosed with the neurobiological disorder.

It can often go completely undiagnosed and is often attributed to shyness, social awkwardness or depression.

“I have real moments, quite often in soundcheck, when I just don’t feel like I can perform,” Pip told BBC Newsbeat.

“I don’t feel like I can sing. I have these voices in my head telling me that I suck and I can’t do it. There’s one side of me saying suck it up and do it. And there’s another side that says everybody’s looking at you and they’re judging you.”