Slash on Randy Blythe: ‘I really don’t think he in any way, shape or form, is guilty’

Former Guns N' Roses axeman speaks out for the Lamb Of God singer

Slash has spoken out in support of Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe, who is currently being tried for manslaughter.

The metal band’s frontman – who denies the charges and pleaded not guilty in court earlier this month (February 4) – is accused of causing injuries which led to the death of a fan during a gig in Prague in 2010. Blythe recently returned to the US after the adjournment of his trial but has reiterated his desire to come back to the Czech Republic and clear his name. He was originally arrested in June, 2012 at Prague airport over an incident that took place on May, 2010 at the band’s show at Club Abaton in Prague. He then spent 38 days behind bars before being released on August 3.

Now former Guns N’ Roses guitarists Slash has spoken out in support of him. In an interview conducted in Prague with BE IN TV, he said: “Well, I mean, I know as much as I’ve been told from everybody I know in that camp, and it’s a strange, unique situation. I think that when he first came over here and he put up his bail and they never let him out and he kept paying, they kept paying and paying and paying and they never let him out, I said, ‘What the fuck is going on here?'”

He added: “And so finally they let him out and now it’s actually going to trial and I really don’t think he in any way, shape or form, is guilty. So they’re gonna, you know, let this thing run its course I suppose, and you know, because the judicial system here is so different that he was able to stay in jail here for so long, who knows what the verdict’s gonna end up being, it’s hard to say.”

Previously, Blythe has claimed that he is “100 per cent innocent” of the charge and labelled the allegation as “ludicrous”, in addition to criticising the US government for failing to warn him that he was going to be arrested. The singer faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.