Lana Del Rey open to David Lynch collaboration: ‘I would love to do anything with him’

Singer covers this week's new, free NME

Lana Del Rey has spoken of her desire to work with cult director David Lynch.

In a 2012 H&M advert, Del Rey covered ‘Blue Velvet’, a song best known for its use in Lynch’s movie of the same name.

Now the singer, who features on the cover of this week’s new, free NME, has said that she would be open to collaborating with Lynch, who she has long cited as a major influence on her work.


“I would love to do anything with David Lynch,” she told NME. “I don’t know too much about what’s going on but I certainly love the original TV series and his movies since then.”

Lynch has previously spoken highly of Del Rey, saying: “She’s got fantastic charisma, and this is a very interesting thing. It’s like she’s born out of another time. She’s got something that’s so very appealing to people, and I didn’t know that she was influenced by me”.


Elsewhere in the NME interview, Del Rey discussed the relationship between fact and fantasy in her songs: “There is a high fantasy element in the music, but I’m incredibly plugged into what’s going on politically, socially and pretty much in every way except pop-culturally. I’ve had a very real life, and there have been a lot of things that took a lot of strength and wherewithal to figure out… things I’m still figuring out. That’s probably why the music has such an element of escapism to it.”

Del Rey also admitted she was interested in recording the theme to James Bond film Spectre, saying there are songs on her latest album which would have worked for the spy thriller.

Sam Smith’s ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ was picked for the theme to this year’s film, which once again starred Daniel Craig in the title role. Prior to the announcement of Smith’s involvement, many fans felt Del Rey’s drama-filled ballads would have been the perfect fit for the franchise.


Speaking to NME as part of this week’s cover story in the free magazine, Del Rey agrees. “I would’ve done it if I was asked but I wasn’t asked,” she said. “I love all of the Bond music that’s been put out over the years and I love soundtracks in general. There are a couple of songs on this record that have a Bond feel like ‘24’ and ‘Swan Song’.”

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