Another early album from Lana Del Rey leaks online?

'Sirens' by May Jailer is thought to be the work of New York's Lizzie Grant

An album by an artist named May Jailer, thought to be an early incarnation of Lana Del Rey – the alter-ego of singer Lizzie Grant – has leaked online.

The album, reports Spinner, is entitled ‘Sirens’ and features on its cover a photo of a young Lana Del Rey aka Lizzie Grant. The entire album has now been uploaded to YouTube.

Scroll down to listen to a number of songs from ‘Sirens’ and see if you think May Jailer really is another nom de plume of the artist formerly known as Lizzie Grant.


Earlier this year Lana Del Rey said she wanted to re-release her original debut album, which was officially released in 2010 under her real name. The ‘Born To Die’ singer said that she has bought the rights to record and will be putting it out later this year. She said to BBC News: “I’m re-releasing it, maybe in late summer.”

The album cost $10,000 (£6363) to record and was produced by David Kahne (Regina Spektor). It was available on iTunes for two months before being taken down.

“People act like it’s so shrouded in mystery, the ‘forgotten terrible album’,” said Del Rey. “But if you look on YouTube, all 13 tracks are available with millions of views, so it’s not like no-one’s heard them. We were all proud of it. It’s pretty good.”

The tracklisting for May Jailer‘s ‘Sirens’ is:

‘Next To Me’
‘My Momma’
‘Bad Disease’
‘Out With A Bang’
‘Try Tonight’
‘All You Need’
‘I’m Indebited To You’
‘Pretty Baby’
‘Find My Own Way’
‘Birds Of A Feather’
‘For K (Part 1)’
‘A Star For Nick’