Lana Del Rey: ‘I might never make another album’

'Video Games' singer is unsure if she has anything left to say

Lana Del Rey says she may never make another album after ‘Born To Die’.

The singer’s debut is expected to go straight to the top of the album chart today (Sunday), and, according to the Del Rey, contains everything she would ever want to say in music.

The 25-year-old told Vogue magazine that she didn’t know if she could add anything by recording another album. She said: “I don’t think I’ll write another record. What would I say? I feel like everything I wanted to say, I’ve said already.”


The sentiment echoes previous comments she made in an interview with the Press Association, during which Del Rey, real name Lizzy Grant, said her priorities had changed in the years spent as a struggling artist.

She said:

Rejection and not getting anywhere changed me. I’ve gone from wanting to be a world-famous singer to wanting to focus on becoming an active, helpful member of my community who lives their life with dignity and grace.

Elsewhere in the Vogue interview, she admitted ‘Born To Die’ was a throwback to her days as a teenage wild child.

She explained: “The album is a tribute to living life on the wild side. I’m sort of kidding because I’m not that wild any more… used to drink a lot. Too much. I haven’t had a drink for seven years now.”

Del Rey made her debut on ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ last week with a well-received rendition of ‘Video Games’, going some way to silencing critics of January’s nervy ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearance.