Lana Del Rey video co-star Bradley Soileau: ‘I didn’t get a boner filming ‘Born To Die”

New York model jokes that he constantly gets quizzed about getting half naked with the singer

Lana Del Rey‘s co-star in the video for ‘Born To Die’ has said he often gets quizzed about whether he got a “boner” during filming for the clip.

New York based model Bradley Soileau, who is seen embracing the singer in the video, which you can watch by scrolling down and clicking below, joked that he often gets teased about getting half-naked with the singer.

He told Billboard:

Embracing her [Del Rey] was easy. Everyone asks the same question, did you have a boner? Ha! No, I didn’t. There’s a huge crew of people staring at you shouting, moving around, bright lights everywhere. Madness.

Del Rey is currently set to score a Top 10 hit this Sunday (January 29) with the new single.

The song, which is also the title track from her debut album, is presently at Number 10 in the Official UK Singles Chart.

Meanwhile, Del Rey has said she has put an upper limit on the capacity of venues she will play during forthcoming tours.

The ‘Born To Die’ singer has explained that she doesn’t want to perform to crowds of more than 900 people and will be enforcing this on her US tour, which she has tentatively planned for October.

To read an exclusive interview with Lana Del Rey, along with a comprehensive track-by-track guide to ‘Born To Die’, pick up this week’s issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands and available digitally from today (January 25).