Lana Del Rey’s ex-boyfriend says she broke up with him in an interview

Former Kassidy singer Barrie-James O'Neill discusses the pair's 2014 split

Lana Del Rey‘s ex-boyfriend has claimed that the singer failed to inform him of their split last year, saying that he instead learned that they had broken up via an interview.

Barrie-James O’Neill, formerly of the band Kassidy, has told The Scottish Sun that the first he heard of the news was a text from his cousin which said: “Sorry that you and the missus have broken up.”

“I was like ‘That’s news to me – where did you hear that?’ And it was on this website. I’m thinking it’s a load of shit and gossip. But it wasn’t. That’s how I found out.


“It all happened when I went to London, as she was staying for a few days,” O’Neill added. “But she couldn’t stay as she had to do a big interview in America for her new album which was coming out. I was just chilling out in the hotel and out the blue, I got a message.”

“She couldn’t say it to my face but there’s no bad blood between us,” he continued.

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“Looking back, it was probably wasn’t easy living with me – I’m an insomniac and I have depression. I understand why she did it.”

“I had saved up a bit but I felt like a burden on Lana – as she was having to take care of me. And I don’t like that, I like to provide for myself. How I felt about the whole thing was, as her partner, I had to protect her.

“When you go out with someone who has a bit of a profile, it’s hard to not let things affect you. She’d phone me upset about something that had been written about her – that happened a lot in the beginning. It’s a big difference comforting your girlfriend about her friend upsetting her, compared to the New York Times doing it.

“It was weird. Most of the time, I was saying, ‘What the fuck am I doing here?’ But I tried to I think about being a protective boyfriend and making sure she got on stage every night.”


O’Neill is preparing his debut solo album ‘Cold Coffee’ for release.

Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey is again working with songwriter Justin Parker, who co-wrote her early hits ‘Video Games’, ‘Born To Die’ and ‘National Anthem’.

Parker – who has writing and production credits on Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ and Bat For Lashes’ ‘Laura’ – last worked with the singer in 2012 for her ‘Paradise’ EP.

Having released two albums since their last collaboration (2014’s ‘Ultraviolence’ and this year’s ‘Honeymoon’), Del Rey was recently pictured in the studio with Parker again.

It is not yet known whether the pair worked on new music or if a possible collaboration will lead to any release.

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