Lana Del Rey: ‘People wouldn’t be sceptical about me if I was a man’

Fast-rising singer says detractors have been 'rude and cruel'

Lana Del Rey has claimed that detractors and sceptics wouldn’t be picking on her if she were a man.

The US singer scored a Top 10 hit with her debut single ‘Video Games’ last month after becoming a YouTube sensation. However, many online comments have focused on her looks – in particular her lips.

According to The Sun, Del Rey told Wonderland magazine that although she understands some of the scepticism over her fast rise to fame, she believes some have gone too far.


She commented:

I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened if I were a man. What other people think of me is none of my business but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

Speaking about how she deals with the jibes, Del Rey added: “My mood changes about it depending on the day. In general, you don’t want anyone to say anything bad about you.”

The singer is due to kick off her debut UK tour at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge tomorrow (November 4), before playing dates in Glasgow, London and Birmingham later in the month.