Lana Del Rey’s blood splattered ‘Born To Die’ video leaks online – watch

The lavish video also features tigers, flames and fast cars

The video for the title track of Lana Del Rey‘s forthcoming debut album ‘Born To Die’, has leaked online. Scroll down to watch.

The video begins with the singer songwriter topless in the arms of a man in front of the Stars and Stripes flag of the United States of America. This footage had previously accompanied the song’s audio track on YouTube.

The full video however then cuts to the ‘Video Games’ singer in a white gown and floral headdress, sitting in a throne in an ornate hall and flanked by two tigers. The lavish promo then shows a car and Del Rey making out with the tattooed man in the back seat before smoking what looks like a joint. The man then drives the car away and we cut back to Del Rey walking through the halls of the grand building.


The video ends in front of a flaming backdrop, with the man holding what appears to be Del Rey’s blood splattered corpse in front of a burning background before going back to the opening shot.

To watch the video click here

After the video was leaked, it was quickly posted on YouTube. On Facebook Del Rey said the clip:

Generally, I’m a man of few words, but I will say that this video is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. I hope you like it – this isn’t the time or way I wanted to show you the video but I’m in Beijing with no access to social media, and the videos been leaked from Russia so someone is posting this for me.

Lana Del Rey will release her debut album ‘Born To Die’ on January 30, 2012.