Lana Del Rey: ‘I wish I hadn’t been so pouty in ‘Video Games’ video’

Singer also says she'd have had her 'hair and make-up done' if she knew how popular it would be

Lana Del Rey has admitted she wouldn’t have been “so pouty” in the video for her single ‘Video Games’ if she knew how popular it would become.

The singer, who scored a Top Ten hit with the track last month after becoming a YouTube sensation, also said she’d have had made more effort with her hair and make-up if she had been aware that the video would be watched by so many people.

She told the Daily Star:

Had I known so many people were going to watch the video, I’d have put some more effort into it. I would have got my hair and make-up done and tried not to be so pouty, seeing as everyone talks about my face all the time.


The fast-rising star also revealed that had she has changed her singing style since she stopped performing music under her real name, Lizzie Grant, adding: “I actually used to sing much higher, but I felt people weren’t taking me seriously, so I lowered my voice, believing that it would help me stand out. Now I sing quite low, well, for a female anyway.”

Earlier this month, Lana Del Ray claimed that her detractors and sceptics wouldn’t be picking on her if she was a man. Talking about the online comments that she has received focussing on her looks – especially her lips – she said: “I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened if I were a man. What other people think of me is none of my business but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt my feelings.”

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