Lana Del Rey urges young fans to vote in US Presidential election

Hillary Clinton goes up against Donald Trump in the vote next month

Lana Del Rey has urged her fans to vote in the upcoming US Presidential election.

Hillary Clinton goes up against Donald Trump in the vote next month, with Del Rey addressing her younger fans in a video posted online.

“I am just checking to see that you guys are watching [the Presidential Debates],” she says in the clip. “I think it is so important to have all the information that you can have to make the best decisions for your future.”


The singer went on to say that she knows “when you are young, it just doesn’t seem like it’s as important, but when you get older you want to trust your leaders and you want to trust your own decisions, and the only way to do that is to have as much information as you can.”

Watch below.

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In March, Lana Del Rey told Elle of the campaigns: “There’s a lot to talk about. I mean you know although I believe that personality shouldn’t get in the way of people’s true politics and what they are actually standing for, I need more information from all of my potential candidates. From all of them. Democrats, Republicans, I have a lot of conflicting feelings about all of them, to be politically correct. I need more time to figure out if what they’re saying can pass through and is actually feasible. Not just with Donald Trump but with Democratic potential candidates.”

Lana Del Rey is thought to be working on the follow-up to her 2015 album ‘Honeymoon’. In March, she shared a picture of herself back in the recording studio.