Lana Del Rey talks ‘hip-hop’ and ‘trap’ influences on new single ‘High By The Beach’

New album 'Honeymoon' will be released in September

Lana Del Rey has discussed the influences behind her new track, ‘High By The Beach’.

The singer, who released the single on Monday night (August 10), told Zane Lowe on Beats 1: “It’s a little like a hip-hop record. It started with the chorus. I was driving by the beach a lot. This was probably one of the last ones on the record… Even with the harmonies, it almost sounded monotone. But with the beat, it has this trap influence.”

Speaking about the making of her new record ‘Honeymoon’, Del Rey added: “I always want to take advantage of feeling inspired because you don’t feel that all the time. The jumping-off point was the end of the other one. I wasn’t feeling too tired, still feeling inspired like I could keep going.”


“I didn’t think it would turn into an entirely new record, but by January I’d written three-quarters of a record, and it felt really good and could turn into a real record. I’ve been mixing for probably eight weeks. It’s so technical. And sometimes it’s good to go back into the studio and have fun writing.”

The singer later told Radio 1’s Annie Mac: “I think I feel better about things because I know what to expect. Making the records is pretty similar each time. Any time you feel inspired or have new ideas, that process is really easy. Everything that comes afterwards, like promoting the record, takes some time to get used to.”

Listen to ‘High By The Beach’ below.

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Earlier this year it was reported that Del Rey had written several tracks for her new album, which she says will be “very different” to 2014 album ‘Ultraviolence’.


Lana Del Rey has reportedly recruited the services of producer Mark Ronson for the album, after The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach confirmed that he won’t be working with the singer following their collaboration on ‘Ultraviolence’.

Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey will feature on The Weeknd’s new album, ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’.