Lana Del Rey confirms she has begun work on her third album

Singer released latest album 'Ultraviolence' in June

Lana Del Rey has confirmed that work has begun on her new album.

The singer released her second album ‘Ultraviolence’ in June of this year but has already started recording its follow up, according to an interview she gave to Galore. Interviewed by her sister, Chuck Grant, Del Rey discussed her recent film work and her next studio album.

“I just wrote two songs for Tim Burton and Harvey Weinestein’s film called Big Eyes“, she said in relation to material that was debuted earlier this week, “and I’m working on a new record.”

And that’s not all Del Rey has on at the moment, “I’m also always writing small pieces for independent films etc. Dan Heath and Rick Nowels are two of my dearest friends and producers and we are always up to something.”

Big Eyes tells the story of American artist Margaret Keane, whose paintings (characterised by their illustrations of large eyeballs) were falsely credited to her husband. The movie stars Amy Adams and will hit cinemas at Christmas.

It was recently announced that Lana Del Rey will tour the US with Courtney Love in 2015. The two acts will hit the road together as part of the Endless Summer Tour. The joint stint will begin at the Woodlands Festival in Texas, before heading to Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and other cities.