Lana Del Rey songs from Tim Burton film ‘Big Eyes’ shared online – listen

'Big Eyes' and 'I Can Fly' will feature on the soundtrack of a forthcoming biopic of artist Margaret Keane

Two new Lana Del Rey songs – which will feature on the new Tim Burton film Big Eyes – have been shared online.

Click below to listen to the tracks ‘Big Eyes’ and ‘I Can Fly’. The film tells the story of American artist Margaret Keane, whose paintings (characterised by their illustrations of large eyeballs) were falsely credited to her husband. The movie will hit cinemas at Christmas.

“Lana’s song expresses what Margaret is feeling so perfectly, it’s like a soliloquy of her inner thoughts,” the film’s producer Larry Karaszewski said of the title track.

It was recently announced that Lana Del Rey will tour the US with Courtney Love in 2015. The two acts will hit the road together as part of the Endless Summer Tour. The joint stint will begin at the Woodlands Festival in Texas, before heading to Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and other cities.

Love had previously told an Australian news website that she “would work” with either Lana Del Rey or Miley Cyrus if the opportunities arose.

Love said in July: “I am not pop but I have a lot of friends on social media and friends who are pop stars. There’s just not a lot of rock’n’roll girls out there, so for whatever reason (pop stars) look up to me. And I have a distinctive voice and it might sound cool if it’s the right song.”