Lana Del Rey records two songs for new Tim Burton film ‘Big Eyes’

The singer will contribute a title-track as well as a song called 'I Can Fly'

Lana Del Rey will contribute two new tracks to an upcoming Tim Burton movie.

The film, entitled Big Eyes, will tell the story of American artist Margaret Keane, whose paintings (characterised by their illustrations of large eyeballs) were falsely credited to her husband.

As The Hollywood Reporter note, Del Rey has recorded the title-track ‘Big Eyes’, plus another new number called ‘I Can Fly’.


“Lana’s song expresses what Margaret is feeling so perfectly, it’s like a soliloquy of her inner thoughts,” the film’s producer Larry Karaszewski said of ‘Big Eyes’.

The film will be released at Christmas.

Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey was recently insulted by Eminem in one of his tracks, with the rapper threatening to “punch Lana Del Rey twice in the face”. Azealia Banks offered some advice to the singer following the incident, writing on Twitter: “Tell him to go back to his trailer park and eat his microwave hotpocket dinner and suck on his sisters tiddies.”

Lana Del Rey released her second album ‘Ultraviolence’ in June. Read the NME review.


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