Lana Del Rey has already started writing her next album ‘White Hot Forever’

It will be released "sometime" within the next 12 or 13 months

Lana Del Rey has revealed that she has started on her next album, ‘White Hot Fever’, with a release date slated for next year.

The singer released her sixth album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’ today (August 30), which NME has hailed as “stunning”, but already has her sights set on what’s next.

“I’ve already written parts of it,” the musician told The Times of her next album. “It’s called White Hot Forever, I feel like it probably will be a surprise release sometime within the 12 or 13 months.


“I’m really excited right now. I don’t want to take a break,” she added, saying that she wasn’t done yet with finding “special little melodies”.

Lana Del Rey

Yesterday Del Rey unveiled a new video for her cover of Sublime’s ‘Doin’ Time’, which features on ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’

In it, she poses as a Godzilla-type figure towering over the skyscrapers of Los Angeles and hot-footing her way down to Venice Beach. Watch it below.

NME writer Rhian Daly wrote of Del Rey’s latest record: “That she veers from the ultra-modern to references to Sylvia Plath and photographer Slim Aarons, and from Laurel Canyon folk to trembling psych solos, on an album named after American author and illustrator Norman Rockwell only seem to prove the point she’s trying to make in her Twitter bio.


“Lana Del Rey is large – she contains multitudes, and the way she balances and embodies them on her fifth album is nothing short of stunning.”