Lana Del Rey announces new spoken word album

Fans don’t have long to wait

Lana Del Rey has announced she will be releasing a new spoken word album in just over two weeks’ time.

The pop star broke the news in a “video note” posted to Instagram early on Friday (December 20), revealing that the album will be released January 4.

Del Rey began the message to her fans with the news that her book of poetry, Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass, “is taking a lot longer to handbind than I thought”. She had teased the volume with social media posts in April.


Though Del Rey didn’t specify the spoken word album’s title, she did say that she had for some time wanted the album to cost around a dollar, “because I just love the idea that thoughts are meant to be shared and you know, they were priceless in some way”.

Del Rey also announced that half of the proceeds from the album will benefit various Native American organisations around the United States, whose representatives she is currently in discussions with.

“I had wanted to do it because in doing my own work on connecting to my own family lineage, I was also encouraged to connect to the country’s lineage,” she explained. “This was a while ago and it kind of informed the next album I had been working on. I just really wanted to pay homage to the country that I love so much by doing my own reparation, I guess I would say, my own reparative act. So I know it’s a bit of an unusual choice, and I have no reasoning for it other than it feels right to me.”

Del Rey ended the message with a brief description of the upcoming album: “I love the spoken word record, it’s not particularly polished. It’s a bit more gritty and I hope that you enjoy it, freestyle poetry just out loud.” Watch the full video below.


Del Rey is also due to release a new “three-song video” for her latest album, ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’, later today.

Del Rey had previously announced that she had started working on a new album, titled ‘White Hot Forever’, which would be a “surprise release” in 2020. It follows ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’, which NME named the third greatest album of 2019, praising it as a “lush tapestry of swoonsome sounds and killer wit from America’s most underrated songwriter”.