“She’s prodigious”: Lana Del Rey professes love for Billie Eilish

The singer also gushed over Ariana Grande

New Billie Eilish fan alert! Lana Del Rey joins the likes of Tyler, the Creator, Elton John, Thom Yorke, BABYMETAL and more in singing the young pop star’s praises. 

In a New York Times interview published yesterday (August 28), Del Rey discussed her thoughts on the current state of mainstream pop, sharing her admiration for the 17-year-old singer. “I love Billie Eilish,” Del Rey said. “And I feel like I’ve been waiting for this time in pop music culture.”

“I personally am very discerning. I can tell if a female pop singer, for instance, has a generosity of spirit or a playful fire in her heart,” she told NYT. Del Rey then went on to describe Eilish as “prodigious”, claiming she already knew the pop wunderkind had potential after hearing just a snippet of Eilish’s music.


The respect is mutual between the two artists. In an interview earlier this year, Eilish addressed comparisons between them and attempts to pit female artists against each other. “I don’t want to hear that Billie Eilish is the new Lana Del Rey. Do not disrespect Lana like that!” Eilish said. “That woman has made her brand so perfect for her whole career and shouldn’t have to hear that.”

The ‘Bad Guy’ hitmaker wasn’t the only star Del Rey gushed over in her NYT conversation. Ariana Grande, who teamed up with Del Rey alongside Miley Cyrus on the theme song of the upcoming Charlie’s Angels remake, also received a shout out from the singer. “I really, really like Ariana. I had been listening to ‘Dangerous Woman’ a lot,” Del Rey said.

She added, “I got her number at some point and we would chat. And then ‘Thank U, Next’ came out and I freaking loved that record. Every song, I was like, how did she write that? So when she asked me to do the Charlie’s Angels feature, I was like, ‘All right, if you really want me to!’”

Del Rey is currently gearing up for the release of ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’, the hotly anticipated follow-up to her 2017 Grammy-nominated album, ‘Lust For Life’. She recently opened up on the difficulties she faced while writing the new record, saying she initially felt anxious working with Jack Antonoff

“I wasn’t in the mood to write,” Del Rey told Billboard. “[Antonoff] wanted me to meet him in some random diner, and I was like, ‘You already worked with everyone else; I don’t know where there’s room for me.’”

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