Listen to Lana Del Rey guest on new BØRNS track ‘God Save Our Young Blood’

The American singer-songwriter praises Lana's vocals

American singer-songwriter BØRNS has released his latest single and it features Lana Del Rey on guest vocals.

‘God Save Our Young Blood’ is Matt Wilkinson’s World Record on Beats 1 today (Jan 2) and BØRNS stopped by the station to chat about how the track came about.

“In the beginning of the record I was listening to a lot of The Beach Boys, I was fascinated about how Brian Wilson did these sudden key changes and movements and they’re pleasurable pop songs but they had these disjointed parts,” he said.

On collaborating with Lana Del Rey, he says the pair first met “virtually” during a Facetime. “I think she’s incredible she’s such an amazing writer. Her voice, it’s Lana’s voice and when you hear it on speakers it’s amazing,” he added. You can listen to the track below.

God Save Our Young Blood (with Lana Del Rey)

God Save Our Young Blood (with Lana Del Rey), a song by BØRNS, Lana Del Rey on Spotify

BØRNS said it was through working with Rey’s sister Chuck that she actually ended up on the song. “Chuck shot all the photography for my album and we’ve been collaborating on some video projects and Lana was around and I showed her some stuff on the record,” he continued.

“I really had her in mind when I was writing ‘Young Blood’ and I think subliminally I was trying to do background vocals that sounded like her I was trying to do my best Lana impression and she was like ‘I feel like I’m already on this song’ and I was like yeah that’s kind of what I was going for.”

BØRNS also said that he hopes to return the favour to Lana in the future, saying “it’s definitely a possibility.

Speaking of the year ahead, the singer-songwriter is excited for his songs to ‘have good lives on their own.’

“I feel like this album when I was making it I was kind of just trying to sift through my thoughts and achieve a state of enlightenment so hopefully these songs have good lives on their own and can live on into 2018 there’s a lost innocence theme but I also wanted to give a hopeful and enlightened feeling to where the world is at right now,” he said.