No directors liked Lana Del Rey’s ideas, so she’ll be directing her next video herself

She'll be teaming up with her sister, Chuck

Lana Del Rey has declared that she’ll probably be directing her new video for ‘Cherry’ herself, as she couldn’t find a director who liked her ideas.

‘Cherry’ looks set to be the new single from her acclaimed album ‘Lust For Life‘, which featured in NME‘s best albums of the year 2017, and will see her team up once again with her sister, photographer and recurring collaborator Chuck Grant.

“I spoke to a few different directors about ideas that I had, and nobody liked any of them so I think I might do it myself – for ‘Cherry’,” Del Rey told MTV. “Maybe [I’ll direct it] with my sister, Chuck. My sister is a visual artist, so we were thinking that we should just go back to the old days and do our like hand-held stuff in a hotel or something.”

Asked about her alternative video ideas that were shot down, Del Rey replied: “I had an idea for this song called ‘Change’. It was a more abstract ‘Where The Wild Things Grow’ kind of concept. That line ‘there’s something in the wind, I can feel it blowing in’ – I was thinking about the nuclear tensions that have been rising. So I wanted to incorporate a little bit of that imagery, and people were like ‘we don’t want to see more of it’. I’m still exploring.”

Meanwhile, Del Rey recently  revealed that she had a “Harvey Weinstein type of character” in mind when she wrote her song ‘Cola’ – and says that she won’t be performing it live again following the wide-ranging sexual misconduct claims levelled at the shamed Hollywood mogul.

“I envisioned, like, a benevolent, diamond-bestowing-upon-starlets visual, like a Citizen Kane or something,” she said. “I’m not really sure. I thought it was funny at the time, and I obviously find it really sad now. I support the women who have come forward. I think they’re really brave for doing that.”

“Obviously I don’t feel comfortable with it now,” she said of the song. “I thought of that right away.” Asked whether she was “retiring” the track, Del Rey replied: “Definitely. That would be the only right thing to do”.

NME also recently caught up with Del Rey’s spirit guide and good friend, Medium Fleur.

“We just clicked,” said Fleur of their relationship. “We’re good friends now. If you go see a medium, you have to feel like that person clicks with you. I might not be everybody’s medium, but there has to be some sort of connection. I have to vibe with that person. Lana is an incredibly spiritual person herself. I think she’s a wonderful person and I’m glad she found me however strange of a way that she did.”

She added: “It’s definitely helpful to have the support of someone who’s so well respected by so many people. She is a tremendous advocate for mediumship and has been really helpful for me in terms of introducing me to people who wanted to help my career. That went far beyond me doing a reading for her; it turned into much more of a friendship and I’m very grateful for that.”