Lana Del Rey on ‘depressing’ radio songs: “I had a lot to do with that”

"There’s been a major sonic shift culturally"

Lana Del Rey has spoken out on the more ‘depressing’ songs currently getting radio play, admitting that she thinks she’s played a part in that sonic shift.

Speaking to Pitchfork, the ‘Born To Die’ star admitted that she doesn’t underplay her role in the changes to what you hear on the radio. “There’s been a major sonic shift culturally,” she says, “I think I had a lot to do with that. I do. I hear a lot of music that sounds like those early records. It would be weird to say that it didn’t.”

Del Rey continues by recounting her initial troubles with her dark, noir-pop sound. “I remember seven years ago I was trying to get a record deal, and people were like, “Are you kidding? These tunes? There’s zero market for this.”” she recalls. “There was just such a long time where people had to fit into that pop box.”

Lana Del Rey hit out fans downloading the early leak of her new album ‘Lust For For Life’ earlier today.

The pop-noir sensation will release her fourth album ‘Lust For Life‘ on Friday, but fans have already taken online to talk about illegally downloading early pirated versions of the album – much to Del Rey’s disgust.

After one fan tweeted “Omg l4l leaked cya in a hour,” Del Rey replied with “U little fuckers”. After asking for a link to the leak so that it could be removed, she was then informed that it had already been deleted – to which the ‘Video Games’ replied “better be”.