Lana Del Rey teases Machine Gun Kelly collaboration – and fans are divided

"God I don't like him whyyy," one comment reads

Lana Del Rey appears to be teasing a collaboration with rapper Machine Gun Kelly with a short clip posted to her Instagram account.

The musician has been busy working on her forthcoming new album, ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell,’ set for release next year. She’s already released singles ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’ and ‘Venice Bitch’.

The most recent update came last night (October 23), when Del Rey posted a short clip of her collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly. Tagging the rapper in the caption, Del Rey is seen listening to the song in the car.


Look, this is gonna end bad for you,” Kelly raps. “I’m gonna go mad for you. I know you wanna be bad for me but I don’t wanna move too fast for you.”

Watch the clip below.

The pair were recently in the studio together – you can see the Instagram story of that below.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the track. “It better just be a spoken word interlude,” one user tweeted, while another added: “sis wyd”


However, others were excited about the collaboration. One tweeted: “That clip Lana Del Rey released on her insta with machine gun Kelly talking release it already please.” Another added: “Alot Lana del rey fans are hating on Machine gun kelly like he wasn’t the inspiration behind Lana’s iconic pull up tweet. Ya’ll the same hoes who thought Honeymoon was trash… It wasn’t.”

Some pointed out that Eminem dissed Del Rey in 2014 before releasing a Machine Gun Kelly diss track this year, prompting rumours that they could be hitting back with an Eminem diss song.

One fan tweeted: “lana del rey breaks up with g-eazy machine gun kelly disses g-eazy g-eazy disses machine gun kelly machine gun kelly drops eminem diss eminem drops machine gun kelly diss eminem takes photo with g-eazy lana del rey and machine gun kelly collab on eminem.”

Others sparked rumours that it could be a diss song about Azealia Banks after the rapper and Del Rey battled online. The ‘212’ star described Del Rey as “vapid” after the singer criticised West in a lengthy Instagram comment posted on his account.