Lana Del Rey shares another teaser of forthcoming single ‘White Dress’

Lifted from her album, 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club', out next month

Lana Del Rey has shared another teaser of her forthcoming single, ‘White Dress’.

In a new post on Instagram, the singer has shared a 20-second video of her rollerskating in the sun. In an extra video, she is talking about how she would love to collaborate with “somebody who actually knows how to make videos like John Waters or David Lynch”.


The clip follows similar images shared earlier this month of Del Rey in rollerskates, suggesting ‘White Dress’ will be her next single to arrive. The track has not been given a release date.

‘White Dress’ is taken from Del Rey’s forthcoming album, ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club’. The record’s title track and an accompanying music video were released in January. The lead single, ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’, arrived last October.

‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ has been delayed several times from its intended release date of September 2020, but will finally arrive on March 19.

Even though Del Rey has a record on the way, the singer recently revealed she has also recorded a cover album full of country songs.

“I went back and listened to ‘Ride’ and ‘Video Games’ and thought, you know they’re kind of country,” she told MOJO (via ContactMusic). “I mean, they’re definitely not pop.”


She continued: “Maybe the way ‘Video Games’ got remastered, they’re pop – but there’s something Americana about it for sure.

“So let’s see how these things come out – I’m not going to have pedal steel guitar on every single thing, but it is easy for me to write.”