Lana Del Rey shares lines from new poem ‘Happy’

"It felt like we were swimming but it wasn’t just a dream / We were just happy"

Lana Del Rey has shared an excerpt from one of her new poems — check out the verse from ‘Happy’ below.

The singer announced last year that she was planning to publish a book of poetry, Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass. A spoken word album of “freestyle poetry” has also been announced, but Del Rey delayed its release last month.


After previously sharing the poem in full on her Instagram last month, Del Rey posted an excerpt from ‘Happy’ on her account over the weekend.

Posting a picture of the sky and a page from what appears to be her forthcoming poetry collection, Del Rey shared the poetic lines — which you can read, along with the post in question, below.

And when you call I put your sweater on
and put you on speaker
and chat for hours underneath the trees
and think about the last time you were lying next to me
how the noise from the cars got louder and louder during rush hour
until it sounded like a river or a stream
and it felt like we were swimming
but it wasn’t just a dream
we were just



Del Rey recently cancelled her UK and European tour dates due to illness.

“Sorry to let everyone down so last minute but this illness has taken me by surprise and have totally lost my singing voice,” she said in a message to fans.

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