Lana Del Rey speaks out over recent US mass shootings: “It’s time to stop and ask why”

She penned a new song in the aftermath of the attacks

Lana Del Rey has spoken out following the recent mass shootings in the US, saying that “it’s time to stop and ask why” the attacks are still happening.

At least 31 people were killed and dozens more injured during mass shootings in Texas and Ohio earlier this month. With many figures from the music world paying tribute to the victims online, the ‘Video Games’ singer released ‘Looking For America’, a track she wrote in the aftermath of the incidents.

In an interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 this evening (August 27), the star said her close friends had been left “very upset” by the attacks and that she fears a shooting could take place in her own home town.


“California and New York – I was between both states when that double mass shooting happened, when I released [‘Looking For America’],” she explained.

“People were very upset in a way that personally I have not heard my friends talk before. I mean [they were] crying: ‘Is it going to be next at our holiday parade?’

“It was really scary because at that point it was a really large number of people who had been shot and it’s only August.”

Speaking of the news of such attacks being normalised due to them occurring more frequently, the artist added: “Especially now on my phone, when you wake up you’ve got your newsfeed right there. You see it. You see the headline that there is a mass shooting in Kansas. You keep scrolling.

“It’s like it’s every few days. I think it’s time to stop and ask why.” You can listen to the conversation at around the 1:05:20 mark here.


Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey has opened up on the difficulties she faced when writing ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’.

“I wasn’t in the mood to write,” she explained in a recent interview. “[Producer Jack Antonoff] wanted me to meet him in some random diner, and I was like, ‘You already worked with everyone else; I don’t know where there’s room for me.’”


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