Late Of The Pier post cryptic message hinting at new activity

The band released one album, 'Fantasy Black Channel', in 2008 but split in 2010

Late Of The Pier have posted a cryptic message suggesting some form of new activity from the band.

The Castle Donington four-piece released their debut album ‘Fantasy Black Channel‘ 10 years ago. It would be their only full-length record, as the group split in 2010.

Now, a new message has appeared on their Facebook page. “Time is a slippery beast,” it reads, with a link to sign up for news from the band. When the page is clicked on, another message appears.

The second message references “10 years” and asks: “Who were you a decade ago? Who might you be in 2028? Might you master the serpent of time?”

Late Of The Pier

Late Of The Pier

At present, it is unclear whether the post refers to a celebration of ‘Fantasy Black Channel’ in its 10th anniversary year (its exact anniversary was on July 30) or brand new material from the group.

Drummer Ross Dawson died in 2015 following a “very sudden and tragic accident.” His family released a statement at the time via the band’s old label, Parlophone, which read: “Ross was a monumental force in the lives of everybody who knew him, multi-talented, modest, kind and generous; he loved and was loved by his family. The world has become a sadder place without him. He will be eternally missed by all who knew and loved him.”

Since Late Of The Pier’s split, frontman Samuel Dust has been releasing music under the moniker LA Priest. His debut album ‘Inji‘ was released in 2015, via Domino.