Listen to Laura Jane Grace’s surprise new solo album ‘Stay Alive’

"I just want to put this out because it makes me feel alive"

Laura Jane Grace has released her surprise new solo album ‘Stay Alive’ — you can listen to the record below.

The Against Me! and The Devouring Mothers musician’s new LP features Grace on her own with just an acoustic guitar and a drum machine for company. ‘Stay Alive’ was recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, Illinois.

“I just want to put this out because it makes me feel alive and it’s giving me something better than sitting here losing my mind while the world falls apart,” Grace said in a statement about the album. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about what you do. Just stay alive.”


You can listen to Laura Jane Grace’s ‘Stay Alive’ album below.

Grace said that it was also important to record and release ‘Stay Alive’ in order to breathe some life back into the beleaguered music industry, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

“By putting the songs out, that puts the label in work, that puts a photographer in work, that puts a graphic designer in work, that puts a merch company in work, that keeps it alive,” she explained.

“You hear on the news every day about people losing their jobs and everything collapsing, and I want to fight against that. The only way I can think to fight against that is to work.”


‘Stay Alive’ will receive a physical release on LP, CD and cassette on December 11, and pre-order is available here. A variety of bundles are also available to purchase, including a series of test pressings — a portion of the proceeds from those will go to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund.

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