Laura Marling announces new project ‘Reversal Of The Muse’

The musician aims to open up the conversation about the lack of women in recording studios

Laura Marling has launched a new project called ‘Reversal of The Muse’.

It tales the form of podcasts, photo diaries and studio recordings, all of which are intended to open up the conversation about the lack of women within recording studios.

Marling has interviewed musicians, producers and studio engineers for the series, drawing on her own experiences to spur the discussion on.


In a statement, she said: “Reversal Of The Muse began as conversations between friends about female creativity.

“In reversing the muse it became an experiment. As a small part of the global conversation about women in the arts, it became an obsession. It occurred to me that in ten years of making records I had only come across two female engineers working in studios.”

She continued: “Starting from my experience of being a woman I began to ask myself what difference it might have made had I had more women around, if any. I wanted to know why progress has been so slow in this area and what effect it would have on music.”

The first two podcasts are available now and feature Haim and US studio engineer Vanessa Parr, who has worked with Elton John, Coldplay, BB King and more.

Updates on the ‘Reversal Of The Muse’ project can be found at the official website.

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