Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay team up for new project, LUMP

Check out their debut single and UK tour dates

Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay have teamed up to form new project, LUMP. Check out their debut single ‘Curse Of The Contemporary’ and UK tour dates below.

Lindsay – singer-songwriter, producer and founding member of Tunng and Throws – and Marling will be releasing their self-titled album on June 1, before two intimate launch shows at Oslo in Hackney on June 5. The album is available for pre-order here.

To launch the album, the duo have shared their sprawling art-rock debut single along with a colourful and adventurous video directed by Esteban Diacono.



“For me it was very important that this video was respectful of the spirit of Laura and Mike’s collaboration,” said Diacono. “I wanted to create a video that was joyful and interesting while at the same time retaining an innocent and tender overall vibe. I also wanted to touch on some of the topics that were important to Laura’s lyrics, but under a different look. Visually, I took inspiration from the idea of California as a Dream Factory, from the idea of big movie sets that could transform themselves, give shape and colour to dreams and spark the imagination.

“The video is fully animated, and LUMP was brought to life using motion capture technology.”

LUMP's debut album 'LUMP'
LUMP’s debut album ‘LUMP’

The tracklist for the album is:

1. Late To The Flight
2. May I Be The Light
3. Rolling Thunder
4. Curse Of The Contemporary
5. Hand Hold Hero
6. Shake Your Shelter
7. LUMP is a Product (credits)


LUMP on tour

Lump’s upcoming UK tour dates are below.

June 1 – London, Rough Trade East instore
June 2 – Hebden Bridge, The Trades Club (2 shows)
June 3 – Manchester, Band In The Wall (2 shows)
June 5 – London, Oslo (2 shows)
June 8 – Cardiff, Festival Of Voice
June 9 – Bristol, Rough Trade instore