See a colourful side to the superstar DJ...

LAURENT GARNIER is set to become one of the first DJs in the world to appear in animated form.

The appearance will take place on the interactive website [url=], an entertainment server that allows users to navigate through an interactive environment in three-dimensional animation.

Garnier will make an appearance as a DJ in a scene set in a newly built cinema upon ‘The Island Of Baja’.


Garnier has also just released 20 different remixes of his recent single ‘Greed’ onto his website [url=] The remixes are the best entrants into a competition to remix the track on site launched in April, and come from as far afield as France, Finland, Germany and USA.

“Making a selection was very difficult, “commented Garnier. “We spent quite a few evenings listening again and again to the various views”.

Nine of the 20 mixes are also available on vinyl under the title ‘Greed: The World-Wide Reworks’ through F Communications.