Laurie Anderson says she wishes she could hear what Lou Reed would say about Donald Trump

The artist married the Velvet Underground musician in 2008

Laurie Anderson has described husband Lou Reed is “a continued, really powerful presence”, after his death in 2013.

The artist married the Velvet Underground musician in 2008 and was his partner for a total of 21 years.

In a new interview with the Guardian, Anderson said she misses “him enormously, but there’s no point in being sad” about his death. “I see him all the time,” she said. “He’s always here, a continued, really powerful presence.”

She continued: “I think a lot of other people feel the same way – because he was such a strong character – that just doesn’t dissipate that quickly.

“Lou is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and I think of him all the time and he’s completely inspiring to me.”

Anderson did express one regret, however. “I just wish I could hear what he would have to say about Trump,” she said. “That would be something.”

The artist also explained that she does not see herself as a widow. “I know I am a widow, but that’s not my identity. But it also wasn’t my identity to be husband and wife – although we were. Partner would be more what I thought.”

Reed died on October 27, 2013. He was 71. The cause of death was later revealed to be liver disease.