LCD Soundsystem give Glastonbury 2010 one last dance in the sun

James Murphy and co play as the sun sets on this year's festival

LCD Soundsystem gave Glastonbury one last chance to dance in the sunshine at the 2010 festival this evening (June 27).

Playing the Other Stage as the sun was setting, James Murphy – dressed in an all-white suit – led his band through a pumped-up performance.

“Hi, it’s very sunny, we’ve not turned in to LA arseholes, so sorry about this,” Murphy explained of wearing sunglasses onstage. “It will go down in a bit and then we’ll look you in the eye. Not that I’ve got anything against LA, I like LA.”


Returning to his weather theme, he later added: “I’d like to point out it’s not raining. Normally it’s covered in mud here. It does smell of human faeces, but it’s not raining.”

In fact so taken was he by the wafting scent, Murphy even crooned the lyric, “It smells like human poo” over the intro of ‘All My Friends’.

With the crowd clearly enjoying one of the last chances to jump around at the festival, LCD Soundsystem had them bouncing along to ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’, then swaying en masse to ‘I Can Change’.

Finally taking off his sunglasses, Murphy then wrapped things up with ‘Yeah’, after which he bizzarely told the crowd “I can’t have babies, that’s it I can’t have babies!” before skipping off stage.

LCD Soundsystem played:

‘Us Vs Them’
‘Drunk Girls’
‘Pow Pow’
‘Daft Punk Is Playing In My House’
‘All My Friends’
‘I Can Change’


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