James Murphy reveals remixes of his US Open tennis music – listen

LCD Soundsystem man used data from tennis tournament to create music

James Murphy has shared two remixes of music he made using data from this year’s US Open tennis tournament.

The former LCD Soundsystem man teamed up with IBM for the project, which was titled the ‘US Open Sessions’. Each play in every match from the tournament was turned into an algorithm by IBM developer Patrick Gunderson, who also developed a synthesizer-like interface for Murphy to use on each component of the music.

The lengthy compositions have been posted on the US Open Sessions website, but Murphy has now used that material to post an additional two remixes which can be heard below.

Earlier this month, DFA Records denied reports that Murphy was set to work on the new album by New Order.

Bernard Sumner and Tom Chapman from the Manchester band had suggested in a interview that the group could be set to work with the producer in the near future. However, DFA Records took to Twitter to quash the rumours, writing: “Dear click-baiting websites who all have our email – there is zero truth to the DFA/New Order news. How come no one bothers to check facts?”