Live recording of LCD Soundsystem’s final show to be released

James Murphy confirms he is working on an album recorded at the band's 2011 Madison Square Garden gig

A live recording of LCD Soundsystem‘s final show is to be released, former frontman James Murphy has revealed.

The show, which took place over two years ago at New York’s Madison Square Garden, has also been the subject of documentary film Shut Up And Play The Hits. However, Murphy said that he mixed the new live recording “significantly differently” to the film.

Murphy opened up about the album’s creation to Rolling Stone, saying: “It’s killing me. That’s been just murder.” He added that it “took forever, because I’m not really on a label any more. We had to do artwork, and I was away, and I had to get clearances for everything. It was a real comedy of errors. I finished mixing it over a year ago, so I’ve been, like [whistles]”.

There is not yet a firm release date for the album, with Murphy stating: “I thought it was going to come out in March, but now I don’t think it’s going to make it for this year.” However, he gave January 2014 as a possible alternative, stating, “It’s probably going to be beginning of next year. It’s infuriating.”

Earlier this year Murphy has revealed he’s planning to turn the New York Subway system into a multi-station symphony. The super-producer said he has asked the city’s mayor Michael Bloomberg to support his plan to make every subway station in New York have its own music, so people will later associate the place with that sound.