LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy wants to turn New York subway into multi-station symphony

The super-producer says he's been lobbying the city's mayor Michael Bloomberg

Former LCD Soundsystem man James Murphy has revealed he’s planning on turning the New York subway system into a multi-station symphony.

The super-producer said he has asked the city’s mayor Michael Bloomberg to support his plan to make every subway station in New York have its own music, so people will later associate the place with that sound.

“I’ve been fighting for 14 years to get all the subway turnstiles to make music,” he told Sound Opinions. “I want to make every station in New York have a different set of dominant keys, so that people who grow up will later on in life hear a piece of music and say, ‘Oh, that’s like Union Square’.”

He added: “It’s such a brutal city. I think one little gift of kindness would be nice.” Listen to the full interview below.

The producer recently finished work on the new Arcade Fire album ‘Reflektor’ and remixed David Bowie’s ‘Love Is Lost’ for the deluxe edition of ‘The Next Day’. He also debuted a short film titled Little Duck, which tells the story of a man “pulled from his life in Manhattan back to his home in rural Japan when his estranged brother runs into trouble”. Watch it below.

Murphy also recently announced that he will play two huge gigs in London in December alongside Soulwax.