James Murphy: ‘I want to make more music of my own’

Former LCD Soundsystem man also says that he's 'not that engaged in new dance music'

Former LCD Soundsystem man James Murphy has said he wants to “make some more music of my own”.

Murphy called time on his old band in April 2011 but has now revealed he is eager to start working on creating his own music again following stints as a producer working with Arcade Fire, Pulp and Yeah Yeah Yeahs among others.

Asked about his plans for the future, he told Rolling Stone: “I want to make some more music of my own.” He then went on to reference his plans to design a soundsystem for a club night at Manchester International Festival this summer, adding: “I’m building a soundsystem. I designed a soundsysytem that’s going to go to a festival in Manchester towards the end of the summer – well, mid-July – so I guess that’s the meat of the summer.

“I’m scoring some stuff: a couple of films, a play,” he continued. “It’s tough to say. There’s a lot that I’m trying to do. And there’s this NYC Subway project that I’m working on, music for the subways. I’m ready to do it, I just need to find a way in. It’s not that easy.”

Murphy also spoke about his thoughts on dance music in general, adding: “I’m not that engaged in new dance music. I’m not that crazy about most of what I hear. But I’m sure there’s stuff going on. I’m not supposed to know about everything. I feel like it’d be a little sad if I knew everything that was going on – there’s supposed to be some people I don’t know in some small place that’s doing great things, that maybe I’ll know about later.

“It’s gotten a lot more popular, and I’m pretty agnostic about it. I’m not upset about it – but it seems quite separate from me. It doesn’t seem very relevant to me. But it’s just a moment in time, and we’ll see. I’m curious to see what happens in the next five years,” he concluded.

Earlier this week (May 30), Murphy said that the new Arcade Fire album, which he has produced several tracks on, will be “really great”. In April of this year, meanwhile, he reaffirmed the fact that LCD Soundsystem have split and will not be reforming any time soon.