LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy designs an actual soundsystem

Ex-frontman teams up with 2ManyDJs for Manchester International Festival club night

Former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has built an actual soundsystem.

Murphy put together the huge new rig – called the Despacio – with John Klett, a veteran New York sound guru who helped build his former DFA studio. It will make its debut at the Manchester International Festival for a club night of the same name at the city’s New Century Hall from July 18-20.

The ex-LCD man will be teaming up with 2ManyDJs and Soulwax brothers David and Stephen Dewaele for the three-day event, which will see the trio playing a vinyl-only set. Speaking about the soundsystem, Murphy told The Guardian: “It’s a simple, floor-standing series of giant stacks, comfortably doing full, smooth sound. It’s pretty wide-open, pretty raw. The stacks will be arranged in a circle that people can wander in and out of, literally immersing themselves in sound.”


Murphy said he has launched the club night as a reaction to DJs in Ibiza who program their sets on laptops. “If you have a program that helps you mix every song, why would you ever not mix?” he argues. “I played at this thing the other day and there were people there that seemed almost too excited, like I had done something very creative or crazy. I was like, ‘It was literally a bunch of fucking songs, dude’. I don’t think I did anything exceptional. But what it wasn’t was the guy with a computer playing a seamless, pre-programmed festival set, with no adjustments for the crowd, who, at the moment they’re supposed to get excited, throw their hands in the air, but in between look kind of listless. That, to me, is really sad.”

Murphy also reiterated that LCD Soundsystem are done and dusted and he has no plans for any new music at this stage. Earlier this year he posted a message on Facebook explaining what each band member is now up to.

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