LCD Soundystem’s James Murphy threatened to ‘beat the shit’ out of fan

'I just grabbed him by the throat,' he remembers over irritating punter

Former LCD Soundsystem main man James Murphy has revealed he once threatened to “beat the shit” out of a fan who insulted him at a gig.

Speaking to Shortlist, Murphy said that although he loved England for the support they had given his old band, the country’s fans are the only ones who “will walk up to you and moan” and cause hassle.

Murphy – who revealed yesterday (August 31) that he is set to make his directorial debut by on a short film with Ron Howard – said: “England is the only place where someone will walk up to you and moan in an attempt to become buddies. I remember DJing once and this kid came up to me and said, ‘This set is so shit,’ to try and show me how cool he was.”

He added:

I just grabbed him by the throat and was like, ‘You’re talking to a fucking stranger. We don’t know each other, dude. I am from a fucking farm town, I will beat the shit out of you.’ I take criticism every day. You can’t just go up to a stranger and moan. That shit has only happened to me in England.

Murphy also revealed that he constantly forgets the lyrics to his own songs while performing them live. “I just made all that stuff up every time, and had those notes to help me go down the right path,” he said.

“Each performance was different, the words caught on record just happened to be the words I sang that day. I always used to like it when we were at a festival in Europe or something, and these kids up front would be singing our songs back at us, and you could see them getting all self-conscious because they were getting shit wrong. I always wanted to say, ‘Don’t beat yourself. You’re right. You know the words, but I don’t.'”

Murphy recently revealed that he is currently working on music with Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He is also said to be working on writing a novel and has also expressed an interest in launching his own line of coffee.