LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy rages against ticket-selling site

Murphy tells website chiefs to 'eat shit'

James Murphy has told chiefs at a supposed fan ticket exchange website to “eat shit” for selling tickets for the final LCD Soundsystem show at inflated prices.

The gig is due to take place at New York‘s Madison Square Garden on April 2. Pre-sale tickets for the gig were being resold on vastly inflated prices before they were on general sale.

Writing on his Twitter page,, Murphy wrote: “No matter what we do, it is not worth that kind of money to see us!”

He added: “I pretty much guarantee ‘fans’ aren’t pricing these tickets,” calling the website “barely legal”. He added that the website chiefs could “eat shit”.

A site official manning‘s Twitter page,, responding by tweeting: “Part of being a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers is giving fans the freedom to price tickets however they want.”

Tickets went on general release today at 11am (EST) and hundreds are now available on, still at inflated prices.

After announcing the selling time for general release tickets, Murphy told fans: “I’m so sorry this is a clusterfuck. We will have fun with you anyway!”