James Murphy: ‘I took steroids to record LCD Soundsystem’s ‘This Is Happening” – video

Producer admits to 'cheating' in order to complete new album

LCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy has admitted to taking steroids in order to complete recent album ‘This Is Happening’.

The producer joked that he “cheated” to record the record’s opening track ‘Dance Yrself Clean’ , in an exclusive NME track-by-track guide to the record that you can watch on the right now.

Murphy said he needed the ‘performance enhancing’ drugs for his voice.


“It was last song I finished, I lost my voice trying to do it,” he explained. “It’s the highest register I’ve ever sung in. The previous record was ‘On Repeat’ from the first album, after which I vowed never to write anything that high for myself. But then I got excited about a synth sound and forgot my vocal range and recorded it anyway.”

As the recording was at the end of the sessions Murphy‘s vocal chords were in a bad state.

“I had to sing it with a voice that was completely blown out, but then I took lots of steroids!” he declared. “So I juiced for this record! It’s cheating, I’m cheating! I cheated to sing this song.”

Watch the full track-by-track guide to LCD Soundsystem‘s ‘This Is Happening’ on the right now.


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