LCD Soundsystem man talks about ‘fun’ new album

James Murphy also goes behind scenes at MTV Movie Awards

LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy has been talking about his eagerly awaited new album – and says the process has been “fun” so far.

The star took to MySpace to blog about the follow up to 2007’s ‘Sound Of Silver’.

“This time i’m having a pretty great experience,” Murphy wrote. “I like the record more, but have no idea if that means it’s better or anything. it’s just more fun. The shitty full-days of lying on the floor stuck in my own head about things has been pushed back into hours, or only one hour, here and there.


“I also get to swim in the morning, and do things like that. Which is good. Which makes the record better, I think. Because now when I’m not actually working on the record, I’m doing something i like and that occupies my mind, rather than sitting in a room with my head in my hands wondering if i still know how to make music.”

Murphy also revealed he attended Sunday night’s (May 31) MTV Movie Awards ceremony with comedian pal Aziz Ansari, and says that he “learned a few things” at the awards, such as “Eminem is a better actor than you think”, and that he is “oddly frightened” by Jim Carrey.

Murphy also stated he has plans to work on new material with Gavin Russom of Delia and Gavin.

–By our New York staff.
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