LCD Soundsystem men launch disco DJ tour

'Special Disco Version' will make its way across America and beyond

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy and drummer Pat Mahoney have announced that they will embark on a disco music DJ tour around the world.

Beginning tomorrow (August 7), the duo will hit the road using the moniker Special Disco Version to DJ disco dance parties across America before hitting the UK, Asia, and Brazil.

“People hear that word disco, and they see bellbottoms and ‘That ’70s Show.’ No, no, no,” said Murphy in a statement. “This is real liberation music for people who know where to go. This is the real deal.”

“With SDV, I can keep experimenting with remixes that we’re working on, I can keep playing new stuff, and I can keep finding old records,” he added.

The tour kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco and will hit cities including Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago and Toronto before arriving in the UK. Special Disco Version will then return to New York club Santos where the parties originated before heading to Brazil, Japan and South Korea.

The tour dates are:

San Francisco, CA Mighty (August 7)

Vancouver, British Columbia Celebrities Club (8)

Los Angeles, CA 647 Lamar St. (9)

Los Angeles, CA Roosevelt Hotel (10)

New York, NY Santos (13)

Chicago, IL Smart Bar (14)

Montreal, Quebec Coda (15)

Toronto, Ontario Wrong Bar (16)

London Fabric (22)

Brighton Beachdown Festival (23)

Birmingham Custard Factory (24)

New York, NY Santos (27, September 10)

New York, NY Santos

Lisbon, Portugal Lux (18)

London Fabric (19)

Glasgow, Scotland Better Days (20)

New York, NY Santos (24)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil TBD (October 3)

New York, NY Santos (8)

Seoul, South Korea TBD (10)

Tokyo, Japan TBD (11)

New York, NY Santos (22)

London, England TBD (25)

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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